10 French films to watch if you loved Emily in Paris

Today we’re taking a look at films set in Paris that give a real look at life in the French capital but also sweet films set in a Paris that only exists in movies, much like Netflix's new Emily in Paris. Hey, it’s nice to dream from time to time. After all, Paris IS a beautiful city, and French people ARE impatient with tourists! Get ready for a stroll through the streets of, the one and only, city of lights.

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Birthday Special! Our Fave Brigitte Bardot Movies

Today is Brigitte's 86th birthday and so we're celebrating one of the most internationally known icons of the century. How might you celebrate a Bardot birthday? By watching one (or 6) of our favorite films starring this delicious dame... but not before giving your hair a blowout and perfecting your pout. Enjoy our roundup below as well as a guide of where to stream!

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