10 French Versions of the TV Shows You Love

Homeland, Entourage, House of Cards, Big Little Lies…find out which French series to watch next if you liked these American shows.

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How to stream French movies and TV shows in America?

If you've ever googled ‘does Netflix have French movies, ‘how to watch French films online’ or ‘how can I stream French movies’, then this page is for you. We decided to list all of the legal ways to watch a French film in the US and to give you an idea of the catalogue and the price: we have the classics - Netflix, Hulu, Amazon - and many other streaming services with French movies including French streaming platforms you maybe didn’t know existed.

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5 tips to learn French with TV

Learning French by watching French television is very much possible. Just ask all the French people who taught themselves English watching the DVDs of FriendsThat 70’s Show and Two and a Half Men! All you need to learn is a large catalogue of French movies and shows with English subtitles and a couple of tips. Suivez le guide!

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