Is the new French show on Netflix 'Off the hook' good?

While we’re still hurt by the cancellation of Standing Up (Drôle), Netflix just dropped a new French comedy Off the Hook (Detox) about two young women deciding to take control over their life again by ditching their phone and internet for a month.

Does Netflix still believe in original French series? The streaming platform quietly released Standing Up earlier this year. Which meant that despite great reviews, the show from the creator of Call My Agent! (10 pour cent) was canceled after only one season because of its low ratings. Netflix is doing it again with Off the Hook, a new French comedy series released anonymously on the platform. Luckily, if you’ve watched French movies or TV shows on Netflix before, it should appear in your suggested lists. So what is Off the hook (Detox) and is it any good?

A goofy comedy… a bit over the top

The six episodes of the comedy series follows two friends, Léa and Manon, who are going through an existential crisis. Léa is consistently cyber stalking her ex, to the point where he decides to sue her. Meanwhile Manon, who dreams of a career in show-business, becomes an internet sensation after a disastrous live performance involving a fake bottom… The two roommates then decide to make a pact: stop using their phone and internet for a month, as the technology has taken too much control over their life and emotions.

From this amusing premise, Marie Jardillier creates a series of goofy situations. Because how do you get around Paris if you don’t have google maps? How do you know what people are up to? How do you meet with friends if you don’t make a clear plan on when and where to gather, and of course, how do you know who’s single if you can’t stalk them…

The comedy has the right amount of silliness that you would expect of a sitcom, without the laugh track. The show is fast-paced, cracks a joke every 30 seconds and lands most of them. But it lacks an element of reality. Every situation feels a bit superficial, just like its characters. It seems the two lead actresses were asked to overact like if they were in a King of Queens episode or in a Jim Carrey film. As a result, it makes their struggle less real and relatable. At the end of the day, Off The Hook packs enough laughs that you’ll have a good time but not enough that you’ll be desperately wanting more.

Is there going to be a season 2 of Off the Hook?

Netflix hasn’t announced yet if a season 2 is to be expected. The streaming giant surely is waiting for rating results after the disappointing numbers of Standing Up (Drôle). But the show would surely need good word of mouth to get a renewal as Netflix is looking to cut its costs for original programming.

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