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From Godard to Audiard, Tautou to Seydoux, Gabin to Dujardin and Varda to Sciamma, French cinema has always been diverse and unique. Whether you like classic French cinema or contemporary French movies, it's not always easy to know where to stream French movies...

Which is why we are now providing you with a list of French movies to stream for FREE! All you need to do is click on the title of the film (see below) and you'll be watching the movie straight from FrenchFlicks! Whether you prefer comedies like The Intouchables, romance like Priceless (Hors de prix), thrillers like Mesrine: Killer Instinct or dramas like Little White Lies (Les petits mouchoirs), there must be a film for you!

And don't forget to also visit us to find out about the best French films added each month to TV5MONDE and TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand (not to mention this option offers all access French programming including an endless supply of documentaries, series, sports, news and more) but also every French film on Netflix at any given time, or the must-see French films on Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Hulu, YouTube, Google Play, Apple TV and the like.

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Stream French films for free

BPM (Beats Per Minute) free streaming Guy free streaming movie french Yves Saint Laurent free streaming french film pierre nine Dior and I free streaming The Artist free french film streaming

Beats per Minute
(120 battements par minute)


Yves Saint Laurent

Dior and I

The Artist

The New Girlfriend free french film ozon Rien à déclarer streaming free gratuit Faces Places free streaming agnes varda Germinal free classic french film Asterix aux jeux olympique free streaming

The New Girlfriend
(Une nouvelle amie)

Nothing to Declare
(Rien à déclarer)

Faces Places
(Visages villages)


Astérix aux Jeux Olympiques

Jules Dassin - La Legge aka The Law free streaming Get Out Your Handkerchiefsfree streaming Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti free streaming Haute Cuisine french movie free streaming Marquise (1997) - free streaming french period piece

The Law
(La loi)

Get Out Your Handkerchiefs
(Préparez vos mouchoirs)

Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti

Haute cuisine
(Les saveurs du palais)


Roman de gare streaming free french movie lelouch free streaming kad merad l italien Thérèse Desqueyroux affiche film Audrey Tautou Counter Investigation free streaming jean dujardin Renoir free streaming french film

Roman de gare

The Italian

Thérèse Desqueyroux

Counter Investigation


tl_files/Streaming/Batch 3/beauty_and_the_beast_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/Batch 3/Double_lover_amants_ozon_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/Batch 3/et_ta_soeur_free_french_romantic_comedy_streaming.jpg Chinese Puzzle - Wikipedia tl_files/Streaming/Batch 3/larmee_du_crime_free_streaming.jpg

Beauty and the Beast
(La belle et la bête)

Double Lover
L'amant double

Half Sister, Full Love
(Et ta sœur)

Chinese Puzzle
(Casse-tête chinois)

Army of Crime
(L'armée du crime)

tl_files/Streaming/Batch 3/Free_streaming_belmondo_that_man_from_rio.jpg tl_files/Streaming/Batch 3/aliyah_free_streaming-Adele_haenel.jpg tl_files/Streaming/Batch 3/un_beau_dimanche_streaming_gratuit.jpg tl_files/Streaming/batch 2/gemma_bovary.jpg tl_files/Streaming/Batch 3/Godard_Mon_Amour_free_streaming_french_film.jpg

That Man From Rio
(L'homme de Rio)


Going Away
(Un beau dimanche)

Gemma Bovery

Godard Mon Amour
(Le redoutable)

tl_files/Streaming/batch 2/le_fils_de_lepicier_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/Batch 3/I_am_a_soldier_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/batch 2/elle_ladore_free_french_film.jpg tl_files/Streaming/batch 2/All_together_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/batch 2/Free_men_free_streaming.jpg

The Grocer's Son
(Le fils de l'épicier)

I Am a Soldier
(Je suis un soldat)

Number One Fan
(Elle l'adore)

All Together
(Et si on vivait tous ensemble ?)

Free Men
(Les hommes libres)

tl_files/Streaming/batch 2/breathe_respire_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/36_Quai_des_Orfevres_film_36th_precinct_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/le_prenom_whats_in_a_name.jpg tl_files/Streaming/Batch 3/max_and_leon_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/batch 2/les_emotifs_anonymes_romantics_anonymous_free_streaming.jpg


36th Precinct
(36 Quai des Orfèvres)

What's in a Name?
(Le prénom)

La folle histoire de Max & Léon

Romantics Anonymous
(Les émotifs anonymes)

tl_files/Streaming/Holy_motors_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/JCVD_Free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/Laurence_anyways_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/for_a_woman_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/My_King_free_streaming.png

Holy Motors


Laurence Anyways

For a Woman
(Pour une femme)

My King
(Mon roi)

tl_files/Streaming/Batch 3/les_vacances_du_petit_nicolas_Free-streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/Batch 3/rue_mandar_free_streaming_french_film.jpg tl_files/Streaming/Paris_Je_taime_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/batch 2/free_streaming_return_of_the_hero_dujardin.jpg Mr and mme Adelman free french romantic comedy paris

Nicholas on Holiday
(Les vacances du petit Nicolas)

Rue Mandar

Paris I Love You
(Paris je t'aime)

Return of the Hero
(Le retour du héros)

Mr & Mme Adelman

tl_files/Streaming/Batch 3/made_in_france_free_streaming_french_film.jpg tl_files/Streaming/crash_test_aglae_free-Streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/batch 2/Fannys_journey_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/Lolo_julie_delpy_free_streaming.jpg Watch Open at Night free streaming audrey tautou

Made in France

Crash Test Aglaé

Fanny's Journey
(Le voyage de Fanny)


Open at Night
(Ouvert la nuit)

Delicacy (2011) - IMDb tl_files/Streaming/Batch 3/her_name_is_sabine_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/little_white_lies_free_streaming_petits_mouchoirs.jpg tl_files/Streaming/priceless_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/Batch 3/Down_by_Love_free_Streaming.jpg

(La délicatesse)

Her Name is Sabine
(Elle s'appelle Sabine)

Little White Lies
(Les petits mouchoirs)

(Hors de prix)

Down By Love

tl_files/Streaming/Batch 3/sex_love_therapy_free_streaming_french_film.jpg tl_files/Streaming/adele_blanc_sec_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/batch 2/le_grand_jeu_free_streaming_gratuit.jpg tl_files/Streaming/all_the_mornings_of_the_world_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/belle_and_sebastian_free_streaming.jpg

Sex, Love & Therapy
(Tu veux ou tu veux pas)

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec

The Great Game
(Le grand jeu)

All the Mornings of the World
(Tous les matins du monde)

Belle & Sebastian
(Belle & Sébastien)

LE DINDON the fool free streaming gratuit tl_files/Streaming/moka_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not-movie-poster_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/high_tension_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/la_rafle_free_streaming.jpg

The Fool
(Le dindon)


He Loves Me He Loves Me Not
(À la folie, pas du tout)

High Tension
(Haute tension)

The Round Up
(La Rafle)

Potiche with Catherine Deneuve and Gérard Depardieu free streamin tl_files/Streaming/long_way_north_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/lourdes_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/Batch 3/au_nom_de_ma_fille_free_French_streaming.jpg tl_files/Netflix/sleepless_night_free_streaming.jpg


Long Way North
(Tout en haut du monde)


In Her Name
(Au nom de ma fille)

Sleepless Night
(Nuit blanche)

tl_files/Streaming/Batch 3/the_names_of_love_free_french_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/Maries_story_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/batch 2/22_bullets_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/rapt_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/film_kinapping_pf_michel_houellebecq.jpg

The Names of Love
(Le nom des gens)

Marie's Story
(Marie Heurtin)

22 Bullets


The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq

tl_files/Streaming/Batch 3/at_war_En_guerre_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/batch 2/2_days_in_paris_free_streaming_delpy.jpg tl_files/Streaming/batch 2/les_heritiers_free_streaming_once.jpg tl_files/Streaming/bright_days_ahead_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/the_young_karl_marx_free_streaming.jpg

At War
(En guerre)

2 Days In Paris

Once in a Lifetime
(Les héritiers)

Bright Days Ahead
(Les beaux jours)

The Young Karl Marx
(Le jeune Karl Marx)

tl_files/Streaming/django_stream_free.jpg Rodin (2017) - free streaming tl_files/Streaming/batch 2/99_francs_streaming_free_jean_dujardin.jpg tl_files/Streaming/batch 2/La_Volante_The_assistant_poster.jpg tl_files/Streaming/the_odyssey_stream_for_free.jpg



99 Francs

The Assistant
(La volante)

The Odyssey

tl_files/Streaming/the_nun_streaming_free.jpg tl_files/Streaming/24_days_stream_french_movies.jpg tl_files/Streaming/Batch 3/Journal_d'une_femme_de_chambre_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/Batch 3/This_is_our_land_free_streaming.jpg tl_files/Streaming/dalida_free_streaming.jpg

The Nun
(La religieuse)

24 Days
(24 jours)

Diary of a Chambermaid
(Journal d'une femme de chambre)

This Is Our Land
(Chez nous)