Stream now The Returned (Les revenants) for free!

Thanks to Tubi, The first (and only) two seasons of The Returned are now available to stream for free! And yes, this is totally legal!

Before Call My Agent! (10 pour cent), Lupin and Un village français, this French TV show was one of the first ones to make a name for itself in America thanks to its fascinating premise : In a small French town surrounded by mountains and a lake, people who had been dead for years begin to return as if their death never occurred, as confused as the living as to what has happened to them. It’s HBO’s The Leftovers, but the other way around!

A&E tried to make a remake - also called The Returned, but the show was canceled because of its bad reviews and ratings, so  better watch the original French show, available on Tubi with English subtitles.

Start streaming now The Returned (Les revenants) for free

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