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TV5MONDE is the global French language entertainment network and a premium pay-tv channel providing American viewers across the nation with a wealth of high-quality French language programming, subtitled in English with up to 10,000 titles a year, including hundreds of classic, recent and never-before-seen French language films, around-the-clock newscasts, the latest series and TV dramas, premium documentaries, cultural programs and international sports coverage.

TV5MONDE offers 7 premium services in the U.S.: TV5 USA, TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand, TV5MONDE Style, TV5MONDE Docs, TV5MONDE Info, TiVi5MONDE, and TV5MONDEplus

Our October selection of what to watch on TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand

Travel back in time to the decade that changed French comedies forever and (re-re-re-)watch some of the cult movies of the 80's with Jacques Villeret, Michel Blanc and many more. 

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The Five French Films to Watch on TV5MONDE in October

A TV show inspired by one of the most famous serial killer cases in Europe, a classic 90's French feel-good movie or a journey through the street art world are just some of the programs available this month on TV5MONDE and TV5MONDEplus.

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The French movies to stream on TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand in September 2022

Romance is in the air in September on TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand! Stream some great rom-coms this month and fall in love with French cinema all over again.

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What to Watch on TV5MONDE in September 2022

A compelling film noir, a classic French film by Bertrand Tavernier, and a fascinating behind the scenes look at the French castle Vaux-le-Vicomte are among the programs to watch this month on TV5MONDE.

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What to Watch on TV5MONDE in August 2022

Lots to watch this month! From the comedic debut of the team behind The Intouchables, a classic WWII drama with Jean-Louis Trintignant, to a secret tour of the Élysée, home of many French presidents.

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The French movies to stream on TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand in July 2022

Coming of age stories, family comedies, TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand has a selection of films for the little ones and the young teens in July.

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What to Watch on TV5MONDE in July 2022

Jean Dujardin in a historical parody - think Downton Abbey meets The Naked Gun -, a powerful drama on the men and women fighting against fire or a thrilling crime TV show set in the Réunion Island — these are just some of the programs to watch on TV5MONDE this month!

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What to Watch on TV5MONDE in June 2022

What to watch? A tragic musical biopic, a documentary on the cliché of the Parisienne girl, or a cuthroat political thriller... It's all on TV5MONDE USA in June!

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Our Favorite French Movies on TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand in June 2022

This June, TV5MONDE Cinema On Demand celebrates the great tradition of French documentaries, especially on the subjects of nature and wildlife.

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