Wes Anderson's Next Film to be Set in France

Who's up for the next Wes Anderson cinematic masterpiece? His next flick is sure to be a magical one, considering filming will take place in Angoulême, France, and set in post World War II. Filming begins this fall. 

Of course, judging by the director's past works, that may not be necessary, because of his famed talent for capturing all of the richness and beauty that his natural settings has to offer, as he is known for his authentic film on location style.

Anderson's tenth film will actually be a musical comedy, that's sure to not spare an ounce of spectacle and visual delight. The music will also most likely not disappoint, and features songs by  Mark Mothersbaugh, a composer he's worked with on both Rushmore and Royal Tenenbaums. 

Not sure about you, but we're seriously considering nabbing a role or spot as a crew member for the opportunity to work in the beloved southwest of France for a whole four months! 

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