Updates on the Upside!

Release date! The trailer! It's all happening with Neil Burger's The Upside, the remake of 2011 smash box office hit, Intouchables.

This week we finally get an up close look into the tone and timbre of what Bryan Cranston, Kevin Hart, and Nicole Kidman are bringing to the roles we know and love so well. This is Hart's first departure into a more dramatic and moving persona on screen.

Having run out of money to promote the well-awaited remodel, the film is premiering a year late. Luckily however, we don't have long to wait now, as Cranston announced on his Twitter feed that we can make our way to the theater in January 2019!

Have a gander for yourself, and we feel it's fair to warn you: It looks like it won't disappoint. Merci Lantern Films! Click here for the whole story - in French - on the delayed release of The Upside.


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