Amélie turns 20! Stream the film now for free

20 years ago, Amélie, her bob, her gnomes and her cheeky smile took over the world. To celebrate the anniversary of its release, (re-re-re)watch now - and for free - Jean-Pierre Jeunet's love letter to Paris with Audrey Tautou.

Two decades later and Amélie is still France's biggest box-office hit in America, ahead of La Cage aux folles, La vie en rose and The Intouchables (The Artist being considered an American production). The movie became a cult favorite, especially among francophiles and francophones and made Audrey Tautou a world-renowed actress.

If you're on this site, you've probably watched Amélie. Maybe only once, maybe 5,10 times already. You might even have been to the Café des deux Moulins when you visited Paris, before even seeing the Eiffel Tower. So tonight, instead of endlessly scrolling on Netflix, get yourself a glass of red, a baguette with pâté, and embark on a trip to Montmartre accompagned by the soothing voice of André Dussolier and the beautiful melodies of Yann Tiersen.

Stream Amélie for free here (only if you're based in America)

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