'Énorme', Our MyFrenchFilmFestival pick of the week

Here's a pregnancy film for 2020 if there ever was one.

Unique, unpredictable, and a bit disturbing, Sophie Letourneur's story of a co-dependent couple in their 40's and their journey to become parents sends you on a comical but somewhat jaw-dropping adventure. It's an adventure that thrives on uncomfortable exchanges, surprising character virtues, and Jonathan Cohen's devious smirk.

Claire (Marina Föis) is an enormous talent, a world renowned pianist, managed by her overconfident but loveable husband. On tour, Frédéric helps to deliver a baby on a plane and then decides to have a child of his own, even if it means tampering with his wife's pills and putting her career in jeopardy.

One of the particularities of Énorme, is the presence of many non-actors. All of the medical staff in the film are real life doctors, nurses and OB-GYN staff that authentically react to the situations brought to them, with absolutely no script. A cinéma-vérité that brings an incredible authenticity to the story and makes their reactions even more fascinating.

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