Cédric Klapisch Updates "The Spanish Apartment" for an Amazon Series

If you're not familiar with Cédric Klapisch's early 2000's cult explosion The Spanish Apartment (L'auberge espagnole, 2002) you have some urgent binge-worthy research to do. 
The Spanish Apartment and the subsequent sequels, Russian Dolls and Chinese Puzzle, features a group of young internationals with a wide array of personalities, interests and world views come together in one Spanish apartment to learn from each other, fall in love, and complete a chapter of young adulthood together. It also happens to be the breakout film for a soon to be French biggest star, Romain Duris. L'auberge also featured such heavy hitters as Cécile de France, Audrey Tautou and Kelly Reilly. 
For diehard fans, Amazon has decided to resurrect the worldwide favorite, picking up a sequel to L'auberge as an 8 part series to premiere in 2020. 
Klapisch has chosen Greece as his new setting to reveal the direction Europe has taken in recent years. Thinking it might be a step backward at first, the prominent director is excited to depict the "new Europe" and how much social and cultural history has changed throughout the last 20 years..
No word on casting... yet! Stay tuned for more updates on the beloved young adult classic that just never quits. 

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