La Belle Époque coming soon to US theaters

Nicolas Bedos’ hit romantic dramedy starring Daniel Auteuil, Guillaume Canet and Dora Tillier will be released in America this Spring. 

A time travelling romantic comedy. La Belle Époque is certainly not the first one to touch on this subject (we're looking at you About Time, Groundhog Day) but none probably did it in such a touching way.

The film was praised at its premieres in Cannes and Toronto  and went on to become a hit at the French box-office with 1.3 M admissions, thriving also throughout the rest of Europe. 101 Studios announced that it will be releasing the film this Spring in the U.S. but no set date has been announced yet.

The dramedy follows a depressed 60s something in a loveless mariage who gets the opportunity to go back in time to the day he met his wife with the intent to rekindle the romance. We of course can't wait for all things vintage, class and old-fashioned when dreaming of this film's mise en scène

The Hollywood Reporter’s review of La Belle Époque


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