How to Dress like Your Favorite French Movie Character on Halloween

Still clueless about a Halloween costume? Why not try one of these French-speaking characters on for size!

Amélie Poulain / Amélie (2001) – Despite her soft-spoken demeanor, Amélie’s got a pretty loud gamine chic fashion sense. When she’s not quietly skipping stones on Canal Saint-Martin or happily cracking the top layer off of her crème brûlée, she can be found skirting around Montmartre in bright red dresses,clunky combat boots, and of course that bangin’ signature bob


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Gaston / Beauty and the Beast (1991) – To get into character as the bicep-bulging Gaston, you’ll need this rugged hunting uniform in addition to five dozen eggs, a wall adorned with deer antlers, and a flaming torch as you lead an angry mob into the woods in search of that wicked beast.


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Esmeralda / The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) – She might be a penniless Parisian street gypsy, but Esmeralda has managed to scrape up enough change to put together this very lovely ensemble.


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Tintin / The Adventures of Tintin (2011) – Tintin’s style can be described as comfy-professional. As a world-travelling reporter from Brussels, he needs to maintain a pretty basic look so that he can fit in easily wherever he goes. And even when he’s getting abducted by pirates, he manages to keep that spikey blonde hair perfectly gelled back.


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Fleur Delacour / Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) – One of the prettiest and smartest wizards of Beauxbatons Academy in Southern France, Fleur is able to keep cool while competing in the heated Triwizard Tournament thanks to her school’s light-weight baby blue silk uniform.


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