French Movies We Can't Wait for Coming out in 2020

Each year, foreign films get more of a spotlight, and that means more French goodies for us. Here's a glimpse of the best new French movies making their debut in 2020. Some of them have already arrived!


Maimouna Doucouré's debut feature certainly turns heads and has been considered a festival darling, being selected to compete at Sundance and Berlinale. It's about a very young pre-teen who, much to the dismay of her somewhat traditional and conservative Senegalese mother, decides to infiltrate the in-crowd by joining a hyper-sexualized dance group at school, called "Cuties". Brazen and unpredictable, the Cuties wear tube tops and hot pants, screech "freedom!" in the hallways, and have no interest in preserving their childhood in the slightest.

Available now on Netflix. Also premiering March 10 and 12 at Rendez-Vous with French Cinema in New York!

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My Days of Glory/Mes jours de gloire

A dramedy with a snarky self defeating but still youthful feel, leading lad Vincent Lacoste (Sorry Angel, Amanda) shows his excellent range once again, as Adrian, former child acting star, struggling to hold down acting jobs, a girlfriend and an apartment years later in his 20's. Although it sounds like a downer, the central character is actually an extremely enjoyable, disarming and captivating mess to watch.


We're sure you've heard of this one. This April, Picturehouse will present an epic space drama starring Eva Green (Casino Royale, Penny Dreadful, Sin City) and Matt Dillon. In both French and English, the film follows a talented astronaut (Green) who finally gets her mission to Mars... but at the cost of leaving her daughter for a full year.

Happiness is a Small Dream/L'extraordinaire voyage de Marona

Ever wonder what the story would look and feel like for a pet who, for one reason or another, ends up travelling through different homes throughout their life? Little Marona is an enchanting little ball of simple pleasures and tenderness that will warm the hardest of hearts. The out of the box and hallucinatory animation will take you on a journey to a completely different place throughout its entire hour and 32 minutes.

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