French Comedy Features Former Homeless Women Instead of Movie Stars

Released just this week in France, an inspirational new comedy is making a big splash in headlines. Director Louis-Julien Petit made the exceptional decision to cast former homeless women in his new film, Les Invisibles. Selecting women who were not professional actors prior to shooting, but instead actually lived life out on the streets is surely a brave and authentic move.
Les Invisibles focuses on a women's shelter under threat and the heroic social workers who fight to find placement for the strong women who will be subsequently turned away.
Making its debut among frequent protests regarding social injustice in the country, motivated in part by French president Emmanuelle Macron being unable to shake the label of, "The President of the Rich," the movie could not have had more impeccable timing. 
Considering the extraordinary popularity of the film, here's hoping for an American nationwide release! Stay tuned on for updates.

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