Felicità: our MyFrenchFilmFestival pick of the week

From Pierrot le fou to Les Valseuses and more recently Papa or Mammuth, France has delivered some great road movies over the years. Felicità deserves to be on this list: this offbeat and poetic project, swaying a bit from dark to sweet, was one of the best French films of 2020. 

The story, which for most of the film, is happening within 24 hours, follows a bohemian, eccentric family of three. The threesome are always on the run, on the day before back to school. The film alternates its charming and bright moments with more tense ones as the reason for the running becomes clearer throughout the movie to us and to Tommy, the eleven year old girl. The movie is often seen through her eyes and even her ears, as some scenes are silent whenever the little girl puts on her noise canceling headphones. She is often dreaming of a normal life with normal parents, a quiet house with a garden and her own room, although she sometimes enjoys the thrills of her unpredictable life.

With its rapid change of tone, the film is constantly taking you by surprise. A little less family friendly than Little Miss Sunshine, it still boasts the same kind of energy as unfortunate events constantly means the family has to act quickly, be inventive - and not always within the limit of the law. 1h26 short, Felicita is the perfect pick if you’re neither in the mood for a heavy comedy or a heavy drama but something in between.

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