The powerful French social drama 'En Guerre' is a must-see

As the U.S. experiences social justice crusades each day, one thing we can appreciate about France is its long and rich history of is standing up to the man.

Vincent Lindon stars in the genre he's known for and is passionate about, starring as Laurent Amédéo, a union organizer who works at a substantial factory in France by the name of Perrin Industries. Even though we've seen this from him before, Lindon stuns and makes a true commitment to the energy, intensity and sometimes agony it takes to make the narrative come alive. 

The script unveils a valiant fight behind closed doors that we don't often get to see, capturing the essence of the every man standing up for themselves and constantly keeping the establishment on their toes, not to mention accurately depicting the underlying bubbling anger brought upon by condescending CEOs in power asking their employees to sympathize with their "difficult decisions".
The inter-spliced news coverage and shakey hand held shooting adds to the urgency and realistic impact of the sensational story.
An important watch for every single one of us as it reflects the corrupt distribution of power and the lengths we need to go to protect our own humanity and worth.

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