Christmas Gifts in French

December has come up and hit us out of nowhere and thus the scramble for non-dull gift ideas begins. This Christmas, why not spread the Franco-cinephile cheer and get a gift membership to one of these cinema providers, a tell all book, or a goody that celebrates their favorite French character!
Leave the detective work to us and scroll down for a choice that will be the envy of everyone at that Christmas social, office holiday party, and all those at Grandma's house this year...

tl_files/actu/2018/metrograph-ecomm-042_600x.jpg1. New York's Metrograph has an entire library for the bookworm on your list. Among the many gems available is The Museum of Modern Art's divine anthology, Rediscovering French Film for $20.00. You can also grab a copy of the summer 1973 issue of Cinefastique for features on Americus Films and two on Jacques Tourneur, or a L'Avant-Scene issue, completely devoted to La Traversée de Paris or The Wall & Disorder at 20 Years. Bresson fans have the option of pocketing The Films of Robert Bresson for just $18. That doesn't even cover the DVDs! Browse for the perfect one on French cinema here
tl_files/actu/2018/amelie pillow.jpg2. This Amelie cushion case comes in a variety of sizes! Clutch it every time you sit down for a cinematic experience. 
3. Enjoy limitless amounts of movies on the big screen for $9.95 per month! The much awaited and much debated MoviePass is available for Christmas this year so that the movie buffs in your life can embark upon their own epic marathon for a few months.
4. Get up close and personal with Bridgitte Bardot with this intense print, featuring the sensual star in Jean Luc Godard's Contempt. 
tl_files/actu/2018/myFFF.jpg5. The first ever online French film festival organized by UniFrance will be occuring once again this January, and here are the details for a subscription
6. Check out also the very festive online gift shop at Film Forum. Up for grabs is a DVD of the César Award winning film, Amour. Or if your pal's a New Yorker, take advantage of being able to grab an old fashioned gift card to the arthouse itself. There is a host of different membership and gift card options for those who enjoy special screenings of the classics.
7. Amazon really does have everything. Even an entire Cohen Media channel, highlighting everything from French docs, classics and popular exclusives. Expect to see familiar faces, including Audrey Tautou, Catherine Deneuve, and Gérard Depardieu. Get the subscription here

-Nicole Eicholtz

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