Chin Up - The Upside Might Still Happen!

Stop the presses! There's still hope for the Intouchables remake, The Upside, yet! After the devastating and shocking Weinstein Co. debacle, a number of projects were left in limbo, as the monster production company came crumbling down. 

Luckily, Lantern Entertainment and STX have taken on the coveted responsibility of globally distributing this sure to be masterpiece of a project, and a release date is on its way. The film is completed and ready to greet its audience, but needs a release date. 
One thing is for sure. With Bryan Cranston's pension for being exquisite in everything he takes on, and Kevin Hart's fast paced side splitting wit, we for one can not take all the secrecy, and invite you to stay tuned for any and all FrenchFlicks updates on what is sure to be a masterpiece!
To get in the mood, check out Omar Sy's Twitter for his take on anticipating the viewing of The Upsidestarring Kevin Hart, his American counterpart take on his noteworthy role of Driss in France's mega cinematic hit.
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