Birthday Special! Our Fave Brigitte Bardot Movies

“Every age can be enchanting, provided you live within it.” - Brigitte Bardot 

Today is Brigitte's 86th birthday and so we're celebrating one of the most internationally known icons of the century. How might you celebrate a Bardot birthday? By watching one (or 6) of our favorite films starring this delicious dame... but not before giving your hair a blowout and perfecting your pout. Enjoy our roundup below as well as a guide of where to stream!

The Girl in the Bikini (Manina, la fille sans voiles, 1952)

Watch a coy 17-year-old Brigitte in one of her first roles. Quite the controversy at the time, this is one of the first on screen bikinis at a time when it was still largely considered "immodest." This first one is available for free and you can view it by searching for it on our streaming page here!

Contempt (Le Mépris, 1963)

The golden era of Nouvelle Vague was alive and well in 1963 with the electric combination of Godard and Bardot. Based on a 1950's Italian novel, Contempt is an anxious drama about a screenwriter (Michel Piccoli) who chooses to use his vivacious wife (Bardot) to get closer to a bold and brash American movie producer. Ultimately his plan may work a bit too well. Available on Amazon, Apple TV, Google Play, and Youtube Movies.


And God Created Woman (Et dieu... créa la femme, 1956)

A celebration of Bardot's ripe femininity if there ever was one. When we think of the personification of France's expression "Vive la difference!" as well as what secured the golden haired lady as the ultimate midcentury sex kitten, And God Created Woman, directed by then husband Roger Vadim, is the first thing that comes to mind. Available through HBO Max and the Criterion Channel subscription.

The Love Goddesses (1965)

For a biographical option, check out the insightful documentary by Saul J. Turell, The Love Goddesses; an illumination of female sexuality and its depiction in many famous actresses (birthday girl included) from the silent era to the present. Available via the Criterion Channel subscription.

Don Juan, or if Don Juan Were a Woman, (Don Juan ou si Don Juan était une femme, 1973)

Another erotic drama directed by now ex-husband Roger Vadim. Brigitte plays a merciless female Cassanova type; a role Vadim fancied as being sexually liberating and defiant. Available via the Criterion Channel subscription.

Viva Maria! (1965)

What could be better than a Brigitte Bardot adventure comedy? Why, one that also stars award-winning leading comedic actress Jeanne Moreau! The two gals (both named Maria) meet in San Miguel and form a theatrical circus singing revolutionary duo, becoming famous the world over! Available on Amazon.

Dear Brigitte (1965)

This one is English speaking but is an adorable story and stars the one and only James Stewart! (You can prepare for this holiday's screening of It's a Wonderful Life.) Growing up in a family of proud artists, eight-year-old Erasmus is not like the rest. Not only is he the done-deaf and color blind black sheep, and rather, a mathematical prodigy, to the chagrin of his free-spirited and cultivated parents, he also uses the money he saves up secretly doing his sisters' math homework to write love letters to Brigitte Bardot. Although not a major part of the film, Bardot gives an irresistible sparkle to this already very charming comedy. Available on Amazon, Apple TV, Google Play, and Youtube Movies.

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