Billy & Buddy, a Family Comedy Based on a French Comic

Try as you might, you just can't separate a boy from his dog. 

The beloved 1959 Belgian- French comic Boule et Bill will spring to life and land in theaters here in the U.S. on November 8th, 2013. Directors and writers, Alexandre Charlot and Franck Magnier lead a familiar cast, which includes Franck Dubosc and Marina Fois in their film, Billy & Buddy. 

When a young boy named Billy (Charles Crombez) meets his doggy soulmate Buddy (voice by Mayu Payet) abandoned at the pound, it is love at first site. To his glee, his mother (Marina Fois) allows him to take the new cocker spaniel home. Unfortunately his father (Franck Dubosc) is less than enthusiastic about the new addition. After a failed attempt to "lose" Buddy, his father  continues his efforts, finally relocating the family to an urban home in Paris. 

Along the way, be prepared to be thrown off guard by another found pet, a turtle named Caroline, (voice by Sara Giraudeau) whose longing and hopeless unrequited love for Buddy is anything but subtle, and might produce some raised eyebrows among a few family viewers.  

Mischief is the name of the game throughout the film, and the non- stop adventure is sure to delight youthful audience members all across the states. 

Don't miss the timeless tale of the lengths a kid will go to stick with his furry best friend.

Showtimes for Billy & Buddy

Billy & Buddy (aka Boule & Bill) - Trailer from Distrib Films on Vimeo.

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