Alain Chabat is bringing Astérix to Netflix!

Netflix announced that the renowned French auteur and comedian Alain Chabat is working on an animated limited series based on the timeless classic, Astérix. 

Alain Chabat is no stranger to this iconic comic. He wrote and directed 2002’s Astérix: Mission Cléopâtre, the most successful of Asterix’s numerous appearances on screen and the third highest-grossing feature film in French history. 

The series, which will debut in 2023, will be adapted from the 1989 graphic novel Asterix and the Big Fight (Astérix, Le coup du Menhir). 

Since the first Asterix graphic novel was introduced in 1961, 38 volumes have been released in 111 languages and dialects, with the 39th due later this year. (There have also been 15 feature films dating back to 1967.) These stories tell the epic tale of the pugnacious warrior and his irreverent village companions who keep a tiny corner of ancient Gaul free from bumbling Roman invaders. 

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