Where can I watch this French movie?

This is the kind of question we get asked so often that we decided to dedicate a whole section of FrenchFlicks to answering your most frequently asked questions surrounding French cinema, helping to make it the biggest and easiest resource for watching French film in America.

So whether you want to ask about when a movie is coming out in theaters and in which cities, if a movie is available to stream, how to watch French movies for free, what is the Netflix catalogue in terms of French films, or if you're just looking for recommendations or information about a film, send us your question, and we'll answer it in details here.

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Where can I watch Les Misérables?

The César-award winner film by Ladj Ly is now available on Amazon Prime in the US. As it was distributed in theaters by Amazon Studios, don't expect the film to be available on any other platform anytime soon.

Are there any good French films included with Amazon Prime?

Yes, Amazon Prime has a quite rich catalogue, but its quite hard to navigate through the muck... You can find our list of the best French films on Amazon Prime here. Among them, the vineyard dramedy Back to Burgundy (Ce qui nous lie), the one-of-a-kind comedy directed by Amélie's Jean Pierre-Jeunet, Delicatessen, and the insiprational drama Once in a Lifetime (Les héritiers)

Where can I stream The Intouchables?

You can watch it now for free via FrenchFlicks' Streaming page!

What's the best French documentary on Netflix?

There aren't many available but if you like history, we strongly recommand you watching the two-part documentary Women at War, which traces the overlapping journeys of exceptional women swept up in World War I & 2. And if you want to relive the excitement of France winning the 1998 soccer World Cup and the tragedy of the 2006 loss against Italy, take a chance with Les Bleus : Une autre histoire de France.

When will be Portrait of a Lady on Fire be available on VOD?

Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Portrait de la jeune fille en feu) is already available on Hulu and hasn't been announced on any other streaming platform for now.

Is La Vie en Rose a true story? And does Marion Cotillard sing in La Vie en Rose?

Yes, La Vie en Rose (La môme) is a biopic of French singer and icon Edith Piaf, who lived a very tragic life.
No, Marion Cotillard doesn't sing in La vie en rose. But she trained for dozens of hours to absolutely master the playback of Edith Piaf's songs, as you can see below on BBC's The Graham Norton Show.

I am looking for Neuilly/Neuilly sa mère, sa mère ! (2018). I already saw the first one and it was excellent! Where can I find it in the US?

Sadly it looks like it's not available on any streaming services in the US... But from the same director, you can watch We are Family on Netflix!

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