What to Watch in November

Each month, FrenchFlicks selects the best French films available on Canal+ International and Studiocanal through DIRECTV. In November, you’ll have plenty to choose from, including mysterious and complex romances, tales of thrilling hitmwomen, and many more.


FILMS (Tuesdays and Fridays at 8 PM EST)* :

DÉTROMPEZ-VOUS (2007) on 11/02/2018tl_files/canalplus_international/detrompez vous.jpg

When a man and a woman discover their spouses are having an affair with each other, they secretly plot to break them up and win them back.

Why FrenchFlicks likes it - One can never pass up a chance to see François Cluzet in a raunchy and cheeky comedy about these double crossed spouses, armed with good intentions. Each respective scorned lover is a pure and innocent hero who you root for far before they even team up. With nuanced comedic perfs and side-splitting unexpected moments, you won't be able to take your eyes away from this game of four.


LES RANDONNEURS (1996) on 11/06/2018tl_files/canalplus_international/les randonneurs.jpg

Two girls and three boys go for a hike in Corsica. The toughness of its steep paths is going to reveal their true selves.

Why FrenchFlicks likes it - Another quirky romantic comedy, but this one is set in the great outdoors. The fresh air, the open sky, the sprawling landscapes, what could go wrong? Relationships. Misunderstandings and complex romances abound, Les Randonneurs reminds us of a mid-nineties Midsummer Night's Dream!


MA PLACE AU SOLEIL (2007) on 11/09/2018tl_files/canalplus_international/ma place au soleil.jpg

Three couples and one single man share the same mentality: they believe that life is easy and synonymous of constant happiness. Unfortunately, they are going to realize that it is not always the case.

Why FrenchFlicks likes it - On a more serious note, an all star cast, including Cluzet and Lelloche, along with a particularly authentic performance by Elodie Bouchez, create tension and excitement in all the good ways in this interpersonal drama.


REQUIEM POUR UNE TUEUSE (2017) on 11/16/2018


Lucrèce, the best killer in the business, accepts a final job: eliminate an opera singer who threatens the interests of a corporation. She's hired as a contralto for a festival her target is singing in, but things don't happen as planned.

Why FrenchFlicks likes it - The lovely Melanie Laurent plays a slick and dangerous antihero on a thrilling mission that even she originally shied away from. When the entire plan goes downhill, you won't even be able to blink for fear of missing what happens next.


MAUVAISE FOI (2006) on 11/16/2018

tl_files/canalplus_international/mauvaise foi.jpg

For four years Ishmael (Roschdy Zem) and Clara (Cécile de France) have made their unlikely relationship work. He's Arab and works in a music conservatory; she's Jewish and is a successful physical therapist. Their world is rocked by Clara's admission that she's pregnant. Though they're both ecstatic, Clara and Ishmael are hesitant to tell their conservative families, who they know will object. The couple's love for each other is put to the test as they try to bring their families together.

Why FrenchFlicks likes it - A lovable couple find out that they'll soon be parents. The Mission Impossible feat of getting their parents on board with their newfound Jewish-Arab household is a relevant, lively and worthwhile roller coaster for us to watch. 



tl_files/canalplus_international/une hirondelle a fait le printemps.jpg

Sandrine, a woman in her thirties gets tired of life in Paris and decides to leave her work in computers and become a farmer. She takes the required practice for two years, and after that she buys an isolated farm from Adrien, an old farmer who decides it's time to retire. However, Adrien wants to stay a few more months before moving away from the farm, and the rough winter finds them together...

Why FrenchFlicks likes it - Delightful and engaging supporting characters make this soul searching story as feel good as the classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Placing a modern woman in the heart of the farm is a wonderful chance to show France's pure and raw connection to family, food, and hard work.


UNE AVENTURE (2004) on 11/30/2018
tl_files/canalplus_international/une aventure.jpg

Cecile and Julien begin their new life together. Julien works long hours in a video library, a world full of pictures. Coming home late one night, he encounters a young, beautiful, disturbing woman in front of his building. She seems lost, as if in a dream. She mumbles something to him, like a call for help, and vanishes. Since this strange encounter, and maybe for the first time in his life, Julien is confused, becoming obsessed by the mystery surrounding this intriguing woman, Gabrielle.

Why FrenchFlicks likes it - Add some mystery into your romance drama with Xavier Giannoli's Une Aventure. Ludivine Sagnier plays a hair raising force that changes Julien's and Cecile's very lives as they know it.


LES CHOSES DE LA VIE (1970)tl_files/canalplus_international/les choses de la vie.jpg

Genre : Arthouse, drama, romance
Director : Claude Sautet

When a man is involved in a car accident, he begins to re-evaluate his life. Contemplating his life, his goals and the women in his life, he comes to the painful decision that he must make a choice between his wife and his mistress.

Why FrenchFlicks likes it – With an impactful lens and retro fabulous leading ladies, Les choses de la vie is the epitome of cool. A pensive look at how life could have gone differently.


tl_files/canalplus_international/le jour se leve.jpg

Genre : Art House, Classics, Drama
Director : Marcel Carné

Taciturn laborer François (Jean Gabin) cherishes the ingenuous orphan Françoise (Jacqueline Laurent) but grows increasingly disturbed by her attraction to a seedy entertainer, Valentin (Jules Berry). When Clara (Arletty), Valentin's assistant and lover, leaves him, she takes up with the reluctant François, who still continues to pine for Françoise. Amused by François' frustrations over his increasing attentions to Françoise, Valentin taunts him, bringing about a shocking and tragic act.

Why FrenchFlicks likes it A fanciful feast for the eyes. This critically acclaimed masterpiece is so ahead of its time, it was originally heavily censored and then banned.

tl_files/canalplus_international/nelly and mr arnaud.jpg


Genre : Drama
Director: Claude Sautet

Nelly is behind on her rent and saddled with an unemployed and uninterested husband. When she meets Monsieur Arnaud, an older and wealthier man, Nelly sees a chance to escape from poverty and loneliness. Arnaud enlists her help with transcribing his memoirs and, as their unconventional relationship blossoms, barely-contained emotions threaten to break free.

Why FrenchFlicks Likes It – It's easy to enjoy this two time César award winning flick, which proves to mix dark humor and sorrowful truths of life remarkably well

*All films are in French without subtitles.

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