What's in a Name? (Le prénom)

NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE TO STREAM ON NETFLIX. NOW AVAILABLE ON NETFLIX DVDEager to find just the right amount of French flicks for this cold wintry weekend? We were too. Filled with familial tension, and outlandish and unexplainable practical jokes that only your egotistical uncle can pull off, fans of soul searching family drama will be pleased to turn on Le Prénom (What’s in a Name?).

Alexandre de La Patellière and Matthieu Delaporte write and direct the screenplay, adapted from their own play of the same name. The screen cast is also the stage cast, (with the exception of Charles Berling), giving the film a very literal transition from in front of a live audience to in front of a camera, much to the excitement of theater fanatics everywhere. Set at a small dinner party among family and friends, one guest announces his plans of what to name his son. The idea is so controversial, that it sparks a snowball effect of confrontation and revelation within the family, surprising the viewer at every turn. 

Patelliere and Delaporte made sure to keep the high stakes and relational melodrama often found in a play set in one singular place. The actors keep this in mind as well, proving very successful at preserving the original vision of the piece. The Cesar Awards agreed, and presented (Valérie Benguigui) with "Best Supporting Actress" and Guillaume de Tonquédec with "Best Supporting Actor" trophies. 

Don't miss the artful and all too relatable event, happening on Netflix at this very moment!

Nicole Eicholtz

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