Wedding Unplanned

Sometimes you just need a classic situational comedy to lift your spirits and tickle your funny bone.

Nicolas Duvauchelle plays Mathias, the extreme example of a man who, instead of owning up to cheating on his girlfriend (Julia Piaton), decides to inadvertently propose to her when she finds the business card of a wedding planner (Reem Kherici) in his coat pocket. Trouble is, that wedding planner was his one night stand, so they'll both be seeing a lot of her as the engagement is underway. Uncomfortable merriment ensues. 

Reem Kherici stars and expertly directs Wedding Unplanned (Jour J, 2017). Her characters are well developed for a light rom-com. Even though there is, as usual, the funny male sidekick, the successful and sensual lover opposite the sweet and unsuspecting fiancé, and the hopeless guy in the middle of it all, there are deeper storylines and histories between the two leading ladies, and all players are likeable and complementary.

Bonus points: a tour of romantic French chateaus, vineyards, and old country houses; tres charmant of course. Break out the champagne and cake to enjoy in front of this delicious treat!

Nicole Eicholtz



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