We are Family

Coming up on Netflix this week is a story of every only child's dream. We highly suggest that the kids join in on the fun for this one, as it includes a story of valiant young heroism and reminds us of the joys and delights of family.
We are Family (C'est quoi cette famille?!, 2016) features young Bastian (Teïlo Azaïs) who, after being shuffled around from parent to step parent, back to parent again, decides that his brood of seven half and step siblings belong together under one roof, each day, as the complicated and overflowing life force that they are. Inspired, Bastian and his brothers and sisters eagerly hatch a plan to live and stay together and from now on... it's the parents that are shuffled around.
Innocently charming and serving as a refreshing breath of fresh air in the middle of your sweltering summer, gather your nieces, uncles, brothers, half sisters, great aunts, and even your parents together to catch Gabriel Julien-Laferrière's sweet family comedy, We are Family, the cutest French film on Netflix.

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