The Lady in a Car with Glasses and a Gun

Oops, just missed it! This film is no longer available on Netflix streaming or DVD. Behind this enigmatic (and long) title lies an equally enigmatic movie. The film may trigger a feeling of uneasiness for the viewer that is used to the linear storyline of mysterious dramas such as CSI and Law and Order, but this puzzle of a thriller proves to be rewarding for whoever likes to get lost in the plot, only to find their way out in the end. 

The film focuses on the long-legged redhead Freya Mavor (Dany Dorémus), a beautiful young secretary that uses her boss’ car that he lent her over the weekend for work purposes, to drive to the south of France, to see the sea for the first time. On her drive there, she soon realizes that everybody seems to have seen her the day before. She quickly starts questioning her sanity, as well as wondering if she’s the target of a nightmarish prank that has everybody involved. 

From its first scene, where Dany dances in a beige trench style dress facing the sunset, La dame dans l'auto avec des lunettes et un fusil (The Lady in a Car with Glasses and a Gun) shows itself as a highly stylized film, where every image is perfectly shot and resembles a painting. Directed by the comic-book author and filmmaker Joann Sfar, the film is adapted from the novel of the same name, which explains the presence of a voice-over in multiples scenes and the chapter-like editing.

Ultimately, The Lady in a Car with glasses and a Gun is a thriller that is a little under the radar. It is nonetheless an eerie film, fascinating without even trying.

Nicole Eicholtz

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