Point Blank (À bout portant)

NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE TO STREAM ON NETFLIX. NOW AVAILABLE ON NETFLIX DVD. Finally, a heart-racing thriller reminiscent of Taken has been made available for your Netflix viewing pleasure in the only language that matters. 

FrenchFlicks enjoyed experiencing the exciting plot twists and turns and the even more exciting cast lineup of Fred Cavayé’s Point Blank (À bout portant, 2010). 

Gilles Lellouche plays Samuel, your everyday nurse’s aid with a baby on the way, and guides us on the roller coaster ride of kidnapping, corruption, and murder. 

Offering haunting performances are also Roschdy Zem, playing Hugo Sartet, a most mysterious player in all of this, and possibly the most frightening, Gérard Lanvin, as the cop. These two gentlemen display a quiet and sinister dignity that continues to chill their audience members for all of 84 minutes.

A classic slow unfurl of who’s who and what’s what is played out in this lively, and at times perturbing film. One thing’s for certain. You won’t forget this night on Netflix.

Nicole Eicholtz

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