On the Way to School (Sur le chemin de l'école)

On the Way to School is a movie about heroes who have no superpowers, but do have outstanding courage and abnegation. This is a tale of sacrifice and friendship that will make you think long after viewing.
Too often we forget how lucky we are to go to school. A common saying that most likely invites rolled eyes and long sighs from grade school children growing up in the US or France.
Pascal Plisson, a documentarist for many years at the Discovery Channel and National Geographic, traveled the world only to discover what going to school meant for kids in Kenya, Morocco, India and Argentina.
It means avoiding lions, armed rebel forces, and walking for hours on a steep mountain.
Take the story of Samuel, a handicapped 13 years old Indian boy, who is pushed for more than an hour on his makeshift wheelchair every day by his two brothers, through desert and even across a small river. This extraordinary (in the literal sense of the word) journey is one of the four that Pascal Plisson focused on.
There is no need for a dramatic voice-over here, the images of these unusual walks to school are already beyond what you can imagine. Winner of the 2014 César for best documentary, On the Way to School is a must-see for parents and kids on a rainy Sunday morning.

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