Much Loved

This week, FrenchFlicks embarks on a colorful and tantalizing glimpse into the dark nightlife of Marrakech in Much Loved.

Ringleader Noha (Loubna Abidar), Randa (Asmaa Lazrak), Soukaina (Halima Karaouane) and Hilma (Sara Elhamdi Elalaoui) are experienced prostitutes who live fast and dangerously in the city. The story could do without the call girl element however, and would still be as compelling because of how deep and strong Nabil Ayouch's capture of the bond of sisterhood is in this story.
The film is worth the risks taken, such as Abidar being sued for a nude sex scene, and the film itself being banned in its home country of Morocco for "serious contempt for moral values and Moroccan women" and for "flagrant violation of the Kingdom image".
For a moving display of devoted acting, dancing vixens, and faithful warriors running into all sorts of trouble, turn on Much Loved this weekend and enjoy.

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