Marie's Story

Oops, just missed it! This film is no longer available on Netflix streaming or DVD.

We strongly encourage that you brace yourselves for something truly beautiful and inspiring. 

This week on Netflix, FrenchFlicks witnessed the true story of a girl at the turn of the century, born deaf and blind, as told through the lens of Jean-Pierre Améris. At the ripe age of 14, Marie Heurtin (Ariana Rivoire) is taken, kicking and screaming, to the Larnay Institute, a Catholic educational facility for the hearing impaired youth.  

The staff is overwhelmed and doubtful, but Heurtin's parents are all but desperate to connect with their daughter, struggling in darkness, and will do anything to avoid a fateful trip to the asylum.  

The setbacks Heurtin faces are unquestionably daunting, but perhaps the most heartwarming perspective comes from Sister Marguerite (Isabelle Carré). With unwavering determination, and possessing an idealistic view of what Marie's way of life can be, Sister Marguerite achieves more than what she or Marie could have ever thought possible. 

To new beginnings! Enjoy Marie's Crisis this week on Netflix.

Nicole Eicholtz

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