Le Chalet

Finished with Call My Agent yet? Because we're coming at you with another recent delight of a French series, found on Netflix. It's called The Chalet and it's a mystery thriller that really creeps up on you.

Manu (Marc Ruchmann) takes his expectant fiancé Adèle (Emilie de Preissac) to his childhood town Valmoline, an extremely remote village in the French Alpes for a weekend getaway with a group of his closest and oldest friends. But along the way, disturbing secrets from the past become unravelled, friends lose trust in each other, and survival becomes paramount.

For those of you who like a little French scenery with your murder mystery, the setting provides a fresh and alluring backdrop for the dark and perplexing story to come.Streaming now, enjoy the thrills and chills tonight!


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