Lady J

Spring is in the air, and that means plenty of sunshine, fruit salad, delicate tulips, and of course an Emmanuel Mouret costume dramedy featuring royal gardens, cascading 18th century wardrobes, and delicious aristocratic gossip.

300 years ago, ladies and gents didn't yet have access to Tinder, but they still had relationship troubles. The Marquis des Arcis (Édouard Baer) is one notorious ladies' man. When, against her better judgement, Lady J (Cécile de France) falls for this Cassanova who promises her unending passion, she, like his ex-lovers before her, is inevitably discarded. After being humiliatingly identified as just another fling, you would expect our heroine to sit back, stewing in a resentful vat of betrayal. However, this is Madame de la Pommeraye we're talking about and she has another plan in mind. 
Cue the angelically beautiful yet destitute ingenue, Mademoiselle de Joncquières who begrudgingly gets roped into Lady J's scheme to teach the marquis a lesson, thanks to the support of her formerly wealthy mother. 
A truly fanciful, yet smart romantic comedy with dialogue that seduces, makes you laugh, and keeps you on your toes all at once.
We think it quite a luscious choice for your middle of the week shake up!
- Nicole Eicholtz

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