2 Days in New York

NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE TO STREAM ON NETFLIX. NOW AVAILABLE ON NETFLIX DVDAround this magical time of year, you may find yourself feeling a lot like Mingus (Chris Rock) or Marion (Julie Delpy) as family members visit, infiltrate your home, and possibly meet your significant other.  

In the sequel to the quirky comedy, 2 Days in Paris, viewers of 2 Days in New York will once again be subject to Delpy's quick-witted, one of a kind dialogue. The neurotic humor of gallery artist Marion is back, and this time she's accompanied by the bemused reactions of radio personality, Mingus. 
All those with families from out of town can likely relate to the chaos that comes with inviting them to your current neighborhood, only to find that it's seemingly no different from aliens landing, and in this case, roaming the streets of New York City.
Delpy has some fun exaggerating the bizarre French stereotypes in each member of her colorful family, to the breaking point of her leading man, Mingus.
When choosing what to watch in an effort to further procrastinate your holiday shopping this weekend, 2 Days in New York is a fun, light-hearted comedy for all of the offbeat, eccentric members of the family. 

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