10 Jours en or

Feeling cynical? Perhaps Nicolas Brossette's 10 jours en or (2012) will soften your hardened heart.

Marc Bajau (Franck Dubosc) is a set in his ways successful bachelor, enjoying life on the road as a retail promoter. He has no personal commitments, no one to come home to and no one to answer to, until sweet young Pierre (Mathis Touré) makes his dashing and adorable debut into his life.

After being curiously and heartrendingly left behind by his troubled mother, Bajau gets more than the one night stand he bargained for. Inside you might be screaming for the career-minded professional to turn the newly abandoned child into the police, but something strong and compulsory compels him to travel on an adventure with the hopeless wee one.

Bringing out his new companion's hidden empathy and nurturing nature, little Mathis Touré need not do much more on camera than to look longingly with his big sad eyes or flash a mischievous grin to light everyone's heart on fire.

Honorable mention goes to Marie Kremer, who plays the budding Julie, also living life on the run. She reminds us that youth is a time for journeying to find where you belong and what makes you happy.

A sure hit on a rainy afternoon.

- Nicole Eicholtz

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