Call my Agent! (Dix pour cent)

There's a new medium in FrenchFlicks town and it's of the T.V. series variety. Think Entourage with more cigarettes and less girls in bikinis.

In the spirit of the current golden age of T.V., we'd like to welcome you to our very first review of a complete French series on Netflix!  Call My Agent! (Dix pour cent) is chalk full of lively actors, many of which you might recognise, especially the clients, who play themselves.

The show follows four agents (Camille Cottin, Thibault de Montalembert,  Grégory Montel, Liliane Rovère) in one of the top talent agencies of Paris and the starlets they represent. Crises abound with contracts, egos and last minute production changes.

A sub story line that keeps you rooting for the underdog is the new assistant, Camille (Fanny Sidney) that needs to prove one of the agents (who happens to be her father) wrong. Good luck Camille.

This weekend, brush up on your French with a more regular kind of programming like Call My Agent! You may even learn some big names to impress your Francophile friends.


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