Blockbuster, An Overlooked Superhero RomCom

Listen up all you lovers of romance comedies that give you the fuzzy feels!
Blockbuster, Julie Hygreck's debut film and the first French film produced by Netflix, with its playful graphics reminiscent of Juno and a care free up close and personal filming style, invokes the feeling of young love, and gives us a sense that we're back hanging out with our hometown buds.
Jéremy is a romantic and rascally protagonist who decides to make a comedic and charming miniseries of his life to connect to his extremely ill father who is hospital bound, so that he can have an insight into his day to day.
Our heroine is a comic store employee and superhero enthusiast, whom Jéremy meets filming one of his episodes. All is peachy until Lola discovers some lost footage that reveals he only went on a date with her because she was the first of many ladies that day to accept. She drops him quick, wounded and furious.
As usual, and with the nudge of his father, Jéremy thinks outside the box to get his girl back, hatching a plan complete with a gang of her favorite superheroes, fake kidnappings of French stars and an outlandish ransom video. What happens next is anyone's guess!
Watch if you like Juno, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and Garden State

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