All That Glitters (Tout ce qui brille)

Oops, just missed it! This film is no longer available on Netflix streaming or DVD.

It's ladies' week over here at FrenchFlicks, and we're excited to celebrate with these perfectly quirky fashionistas, Lila (Leïla Bekhti) and Ely (Géraldine Nakache), two best friends hoping to break into the glamorous world of Paris in All That Glitters (Tout ce qui brille, 2010).

Sandwich shop girl Ely and concession stand worker Lila are from the small town of Puteaux, but have big dreams of all things Neuilly, the wealthy and flashy suburb bordering Paris. When they meet socialite Agathe (Virginie Ledoyen) and the eccentric model with 15 minutes of fame, Joan (Linh Dan Pham), their biggest fantasies of wining and dining among the rich and famous are close enough to touch. But the high Neuilly life may be too much to handle for Lila and Ely as the two worlds begin to collide and tensions rise. 

With impromptu dance routines and a hilarious supporting performance given by Audrey Lamy, you're sure to look forward to the next boy drama, sequin ensemble and all of the sisterly bonding moments throughout. Ready for laughs and plenty of BFF love? Switch on All That Glitters!

Nicole Eicholtz

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