Women at War 1939-1945

The educational thrills continue in Part 2 of Women at War on Netflix. This time, we explore the years 1939-1945 and the achievements these gals attained during World War II. 

The stakes are much higher this time in the sequel. The heart breaks for the poor souls who suffered the German occupation in various parts of France. Heroic tales of Lucie Aubrac, one of the faces of the French Resistance, and Virginia Hall, a stealthy American spy who worked with British intelligence, and brave undercover rescuers of Jewish children, are all included. 
Of course, the untold female story never fails to disappoint. The cultural journey that the French women embarked upon during the political ups and downs of this particular period are equally fascinating.
Tragic endings are also met with overwhelming inspiration and admiration for the human spirit of this time. Don't miss your chance to hear these stories this weekend!