Women at War 1914-1918

We can do it! The countdown to summer vacation is beginning, but there's still time to learn a thing or two. 
A two part documentary about World Wars I & II has emerged on Netflix. This time, it's all about the story of the women during war time. We begin with Women at War 1914-1918, directed by Fabien Béziat and Hugues Nancy. 
During this educational profile, be prepared to learn all about the genius of Marie Curie, the compassion of Edith Wharton, and the generosity of Anne Morgan. Of course, there are a few stories of French and German spies thrown in, so rest assured you'll be given a bit more information than your ninth grade history class.
Prepared to be inspired to rise up to the aid of your fellow countrymen and tune in next time for part two: Women at War 1939-1945!