Un + Une

A picturesque and exotic romance took hold of us this week starring one of France's most dashing heroes, Jean Dujardin. Director Claude Lelouch has been in the biz since the swingin' 60's and has an endearingly old fashioned and optimistic way of telling a story, and Un + Une (2015) is no exception.
Keeping a lackluster romance at bay at home in France, cynical film composer Antoine (Jean Dujardin) travels to the faraway land of Delhi to work on a Bollywood adaptation of Romeo and Juliette, cleverly retitled Juliette and Romeo, because feminism.
As he faithfully subscribes to more of a lone wolf school of thought when it comes to relationships, his world turns upside down when he meets a more seasoned, intelligent and spicy wife to the French ambassador (Christophe Lambert), Anna (who is played by the captivating Elsa Zylberstein). Once he meets this new force in his life, it seems Antoine was looking for his other half all along without even realizing it.
A bit like Eat, Pray, Love for romance addicts, this is absolutely the perfect choice for a steamy Netflix & chill session. Bisous!
Nicole Eicholtz