Tu seras un homme (You'll Be a Man)

Oops, just missed it! This film is no longer available on Netflix streaming or DVD. Boys will be boys and boys will be misfits. You'll Be a Man (Tu seras un homme, 2013) highlights two heartwarming characters in various stages of becoming a man.

When our story begins, Léo (Aurelio Cohen), an eccentric and sheltered 10-year-old prodigy meets his babysitter, Théo (Jules Sagot), a nurturing and good-natured outcast. Together, they both appear to be a little socially inept, but sometimes all it takes is finding a kindred spirit to help you muddle through that jungle that is adolescence.  

But Theo and Leo are not the only ones to find manhood a confusing place. Leo's father (Grégoire Monsaingeon) also has trouble deciphering between what's best for his son, what his marriage is all about, and most importantly, ponders the question, "What makes an asshole?" 

The Bertha Mason of the story, Jule's mother, although not really a necessity to the plot, is played by Eleonore Pourriat, does a lovely job of spicing up the story with her mysterious illness and her infatuation with a certain key character. 

During the comedown of the surge of fuzzy feelings brought to you by Valentine's Day last week, why not try something a little off kilter, something bittersweet, like Benoît Cohen's You'll Be a Man?

Nicole Eicholtz 

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