To Each Her Own (Les goûts et les couleurs)

Simone Benloulou (Sarah Stern) is in a tricky spot. Romantic entanglement, sexual identity, and family drama blend together to create one serious quest to find out what our leading lady wants... and who she wants it with.

As a young woman with an exceptionally considerably traditional Jewish family, Simone finds it quite difficult to break the news to them that she is in love with her roommate, who is female, and that they've been in a very special, romantic relationship for three years.

But just when she finally finds the courage to tell her melodramatic kin the truth, a new player steps on to the scene (Jean-Christophe Folly), who prove to be quite charming. Suddenly, love isn't as simple as Simone once thought.

Care to go on a journey with poor, confused, Simone? Myriam Aziza writes and directs in this tale of identity, forbidden love and family feuds.