The World is Yours (Le monde est à toi)

Netflix has stepped up their French film game with a new snappy group action comedy, served straight up with a twist: The World is Yours (Le monde est à toi, 2018).

The film is directed by Romain Gavras, known for knocking out masterful and provocative music videos for the likes of M.I.A. and Jay-Z. It's safe to say he knows how to work with a massive amount of stage presence, and this comedic, but action packed thrill ride doesn't disappoint. Featuring such household names as Vincent Cassel and Karim Leklou, each integral member of the cast offers impeccable performances.

Farès' (Leklou) is a small time dealer who dreams of getting away from his life of crime and corruption, meeting a nice girl and beginning his own ice cream exporting business. Interfering with these plans is his own mother Danny (Isabelle Adjani), a no nonsense high roller who has gambled away his savings during her own wanton exploits. Danny has a mantra of cheating others before they have the chance to cheat you, but instead of seizing all available opportunity to run the streets like the usual hero in a gangster film, her son Farès wants to simply wrap up this last heroine-trafficking job and get back to his unwavering dreams of working in the dessert business.

A modern day Cinderella, The World is Yours co-screenwriters, Noé Debré added elements of class and race to the script, keeping it genuine and relevant.

Watch if you're a Tarantino fan.


Nicole Eicholtz