The Most Assassinated Woman in the World

This is one for theatre lovers and thrill seekers alike. A highly stylized murder mystery, it might be the perfect switch up to the usual care free comedies of summer (there will be a rainy day somewhere during this week, right?).
The haunting setting is takes place in a late 19th century gothic theater, based on "Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol", a "natural setting" theater specialising in somewhat disturbing and violent entertainment that truly existed in France at the time. Audience members looking for a thrill would sometimes be so affected by the performances they would faint or vomit in the boxes below.
Enter the magnetizing Paula Max (Anna Mouglalis), the persecuted star of the infamous show. Every night she turns up on stage and is slain in a variety of bloody outlandish ways. The problem is that real citizens in the area have as well, and the local detective has taken special interest in Paula. As the lines blur between truth and fiction for Paula, we're taken through a psychological thrill ride that is utterly and completely Netflixable.