The Hookup Plan

If some Broad City fans married some cult followers of Bridget Jones' Diary and moved to France, they might produce something like Chris Lang's new TV show, The Hookup Plan (Plan Cœur, 2018). 
Slightly nerdy Elsa (Zita Hanrot) has two endearingly determined, well-meaning gal pals, who, after watching their bff struggle to get over her ex two years after the break up, decide to take matters into their own hands and get poor rejected Elsa a new boyfriend... who's a male escort named Jules (Marc Ruchmann). 
The plan was meant to simply distract Elsa and snap her out of her rut, but surprise surprise, Jules and Elsa start really falling for each other, which presents a kind of delicate situation considering Elsa has no idea of Jules' profession of choice.
The most notable takeaway from The Hookup Plan is the Destiny's Child like fierce closeness and loyalty between the fab 3. Charlotte and Milou, the masterminds behind this unorthodox romance, are played by singing comedienne Joséphone Draï and Sabrina Ouazani (The Games of Love and Chance). They have the kind of truthful and lively camaraderie we usually go to Friends or How I Met Your Mother  for. 
Whether you're going through a breakup, missing your out of town besties, or just need to refresh with a nightcap after a never ending day at work (snore), The Hook Up Plan should be your girly go to! 
- Nicole Eicholtz