The Climb ( L'ascension )

How high would you go for love?
Chivalry is no longer dead in Ludovic Bernard's romantic adventure flick, The Climb (L'ascension, 2017). 
Back home in the neighborhood of La Courneuve, a Parisian suburb, Nadia (Alice Belaïdi) doesn't believe Samy Diakhaté (Ahmed Sylla) is serious about their relationship. The valiant Samy responds with the idea of climbing Mt. Everest to prove the very opposite.
With bright blue endless skies, snippets of the Nepalese vibrant colors, a chummy sherpa at his side, and absolutely no mountaineering experience, Samy sets off to Nepal to begin his journey of the climb, and to show the world the lengths he would go for his girl. 
As his family and all of La Courneuve await with baited breath their courageous hero to climb the 29,000 feet, we enjoy watching the loveable and optimistic voyager challenge himself until he achieves something incredible for the one he loves.
Watch if you like Welcome to the Sticks or The Intouchables.