Prête-moi ta main ! (I Do)

NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE TO STREAM ON NETFLIX. NOW AVAILABLE ON NETFLIX DVD. Gentleman, how far would you go to protect your precious single status ? At 41, Luis Costa (Alain Chabat) is a successful businessman in Paris who is passionate about two things : His high-end job in the perfume industry, and his life as a free man with zero commitments and not a pesky woman to answer to. 

Unfortunately for him, his mother and five sisters see things a little bit differently. His childish ways are putting them through the ringer, and they decide to take action. Acting as the judicial system of the family, this panel of six powerful women create a proposal to fix Luis up with a good old fashioned wife, and put it to a vote. As Mother Costa (Bernadette Lafont) dramatically strikes her mallet, all are in favor. 

Cut to an interview of sorts with all of the contenders chosen to be the possible future Mrs. Costa. Displeased, Luis comes up with a desperately clever idea to put their marriage pleas to rest. He will hire his friend's sassy sister Emma (Charlotte Gainsbourg) to pose as the perfect fiance who will later tragically abandon him at the altar. All a part of his master plan, ruining his ability to love ever again- or so they might think.  

With an unbeatable roundup of cast-members, I Do is a classic feel good French rom-com with just the right amount of awkward encounters, sexual and otherwise. Alain Chabat offers his perfect mix of shameless and cheeky sense of character. Gainsbourg is alluring as always, and is surprisingly content to be a part of this bold scheme our hero has conceived.  

Decide for yourself whether your freedom is worth the drama on Netflix Instant Play! 

Nicole Eicholtz 

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