NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE TO STREAM ON NETFLIX. NOW AVAILABLE ON NETFLIX DVD. Forget about Amelie or Midnight in Paris, Maïwenn shows you the dark side of Paris. Polisse, with style elements of a documentary, places its camera in a unit of the Paris police that specializes in crimes against children. This is where cops have to keep a sense of humor and an emotional distance to their work with all the evil they have to face on a daily basis.

Winner of the Jury prize in Cannes in 2011, Polisse is almost disarming by its blatant honesty. Maïwenn herself spent weeks with a child protection unit in Paris to prepare for the movie. She brilliantly alternates between hard-to watch scenes of confessions at the station, and light hang-out sessions between the cops at bars and clubs, showcasing their messy relationships.

The all-star cast could have hurt the sincerity of the movie, but from Joey Starr to Karine Viard, all the actors - with little to no make-up - find the right tone and deliver very tense and unforgettable performances. 

Polisse is a gripping modern French film, symbolic of a new generation of movies in France that tries to stick as close to reality as possible.

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