Nothing to Hide (Le Jeu)

Do you have something to hide on that mobile device you're glued to? These people do.

In this year's Nothing to Hide (Le Jeu, 2018) a merry band of pals with complicated double lives convene for a dinner party. Just after the canapés are served, the hostess Marie (the dazzling Bérenice Bejo) suggests playing a seemingly harmless jeu. The game involves everyone around the table putting their phones in the center to allow the rest of the guests to view and dissect each incoming call, text, voicemail and sext that comes their way. No secrets allowed.

Fred Cavayé's cast features an impressive amount of recognizable faces on its slate. Notably, the intense Roschdy Zem sets the slightly hair-raising tone, while Xavier Dolan's darling, Suzanne Clément, lightens up the mood by playing a pretty amusing drunk. For us, the most pivotal and enlightening character development comes from the single one in the group, Ben (Grégory Gadebois). It's all perfect bootcamp for the Christmas gatherings to come.
So, would you choose to play the game? Find out if it's a good idea after checking out this ensemble drama this weekend on Netflix!